A Treatise Dipped in Dark Chocolate

"I went into her closet. I pushed past the coats to open the safe. I moved the gun out of the way. I took a chocolate bar: Balanchine Special Dark. I put the gun back. I closed the safe."
All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin

What if we lived in a world where chocolate is contraband. A world that meant we all had to skulk around in hidden corners and alleyways, quietly tearing a corner wrapper of our Choxie Special Dark? What if the police could spot you on the street, and arrest you at the mere inkling, or smell of cacao on your breath? How about extra special speakeasy's planned surreptitiously in dark bars down historic side streets that once gleamed with freedom. (I would actually love that). What if the news consisted of crazed humans, eyes bloodshot for Herseys, M & Ms, dark chocolate covered Espresso beans, and glances that seem to giveaway that they know when the next chocolaty infraction will occur. How about cocoa sold by the bottle, manufactured in bathtubs hidden in secret dens somewhere, beneath cold solid buildings that we pass everyday. If you couldn't go to the store and pick up your favorite chocolate bar because the law deemed it illegal to produce, purchase, or gift, what would you do?

I write this entirely made up scenario, courtesy of being enamored by All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin, to propose a great 'what if' to the things that we take for granted. The simple things. The things we never expect to have to choose, give up, or watch in horror as they are stripped away from us. That last is an exaggeration, given the improbable scenario above, but my desire is to merely encourage you to enjoy the simple things in life. Be grateful for them, long for them, take part in them proudly, whatever they may be to you. Sure, the possibility of such an event occurring seems slim, but you never know what could happen in a blink. Celebrate everything. Love and embrace the magic of every moment. Take the time to really taste, listen, feel, touch every significant thing God brings into your life. And by all means, get out there and buy some chocolate!

This is my treatise to Dark Chocolate.

This is my treatise to summer and to YOLO (because I've only recently found out what it means.)

These are the words of a nut with a crazy imagination, enamored with others who have crazed imaginations.

Happy Summer.  

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  1. I have to say, that's one scary scenario (I'm eating chocolate cookies right now, by the way).

    But we never know what might happen. In my country, we had this law that fordabe schools to sell sodas, candy or junk food in their caffeterias. The law is no longer valid though.

    I loved "Eyes blodshot for Hersheys" - that's so funny!


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