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If you could create a space that inspired you to do what you love, how would you decorate? What would you add? What would make this space so much more than just four walls surrounding a desk and chair? I find looking at artists' spaces so intriguing, because it's like being invited to enter their minds. 



Like my good friend, Casee Marie, who's been spending her own time exploring Pinterest, I've found this website to be an online version of my creator space. Not to mention, I have this thing for pin boards. I'm about to makeover my room, and I've played around with ideas for some weeks now. I would love to paint one wall of my room a color close to Tiffany Blue, while I contrast it with a traditional creme color. I want to get rid of my dresser and television stand, and replace it with lighter, daintier pieces. I would like to buy a pinboard to decorate myself, and add loads of things like famous writer rejections (to remind myself that with every critic, there's means to grow), pictures that fuel my dreamscapes, stanzas of poetry, Bible verses, etc; I would like to place little glass bottles filled with white roses around; purchase a wall stand for my ukulele, get a little desk for my computer, a cup of fountain pens, and a chair. I would love to go to a wonderful cafe called, Alice's Tea Cup, and purchase a bottle of their fairy dust, just for the idea of it. And lets not forget, a fabulous bookcase! This would be the perfect time to go to Anthropologie to pick up a few whimsy odds and ends, don't you think?

What would you put in your Dream Space?

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  1. Ah, if only I was able to decorate my dream space now. Renting makes it so hard. I don't want to put my heart into painting and decorating the walls of a place that isn't mine, but someday. These images are so inspiring! I must save to my pin boards on Pinterest. I actually have a memo/pin board in my room full of Bible verses, images of things I will have one day, business cards from others, inspiring quotes, drawings, etc. If you've redone your room already share a pic! I'd love to see it.


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