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It's almost 2013, and I find it high time for a reintroduction. As you know, I weave in and out of this blog, often needing time to recollect myself...to rediscover what it's all about. I confess that most times I experience a burn out because I begin one way, and then discover along the way that my goals are changing into those of other bloggers. How can I get more followers? How can I boost readership and make sure that I maintain an audience? How can I use this as a professional mouth piece? But some places, like a journal, perhaps--you know the one that discovered you down the aisle of an unexpected shop?--have to maintain a sort of sacredness in order to function. There is a time and place for everything. My book blog, Novel Days, is the place to boost readership, and to build a professional portfolio...but Forelsket started as a chronicling of my love affair with life, which will hopefully encourage anyone who should pass through to savor their own lives.

That being said, Forelsket is not changing as much as my mindset about it. I want to have a fun, life altering experiences with it, and to hopefully have someone chance upon this blog who can relate to my experiences, and be positively inspired somehow. 

I will still continue to write encouraging posts about walking with God, achieving your dreams, and showcasing inspiring dreamcatchers. But I will include passages that will serve as personal diary entries, day in the life posts, perhaps. I will also embark on the 365 photo a day project next year which should prove enlightening, and hilarious!

I am not a web designer, though I do dabble. I am not a fashion blogger, though I am in love with expression. I do not have a high powered DSLR, though I have loads of photographic bits and bobbins to help me in my quest of capturing the world (and I would LOVE an Olympus Pen).  All of these things, I'm told, makes a proficient blogger. But I hope that the lack of these will not lessen the quality of my blog. I hope you all have had a blessed 2012, and though I cannot possibly say enough, my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have suffered in Newtown, Connecticut.  

Would you care to take this new journey with me?


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  2. So excited to see where your adventures and dreams lead you with Forelsket, Britta! I know exactly what you mean about getting sucked into goals that aren't really your own. It's easy to sort of absentmindedly gravitate toward what everybody else is looking to get out of blogging; I think that's human nature, to some degree. But the best is definitely when you can come back from it and get reacquainted with what you really want, why you started a project in the first place, and how you can take what you've already accomplished and grow it to suit your unique dreams. (:


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