Ulyanna Sergeenko: Classical Romance


I chanced upon this stunning designer some time last year whilst perusing through Tumblr, and I have not been able to get this collection out of my mind. This collection is filled with all of the beauty that automatically makes me think of the mystery that is Anastasia Romanov, regal mixing with a classic 40s glamour/simplicity that is the stuff of my wildest dreams. I love Sergeenko's wondrous imagination that combines fantasy with the classic elegance of a period piece. This is all that I adore about Central Europe, and I can imagine myself donning these garments, and literally prancing the streets of Vienna, taking in beautiful artwork, strong coffee's in pint sized cafe's, and filming silent movies with my Lomokino, with classic Ruby Wooed lips and a curly bob (run on, but you get the picture). Seergenko's style is iconic as well! She links right up there with Dita Von Teese's effortless beauty. I'm looking forward to taking in more of her beautiful collections.

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  1. How stunning! I love all the long skirts and the structure of each piece. Thank you for informing us of this designer :)

    1. No prob! She is fabulous and I was compelled to share! Thanks for reading ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love her! I came across this collection last year too, and always wanted to blog about it. I never did, I guess it just slipped my mind. But it's a gorgeous series, and it makes an instant impact. I love the composition of the photos, too, with that Amazonian model and the charming wallpaper. ;)


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