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Hello Dreamers!

I hope that your holidays have been blessed, and totally beautiful!

It's time for renewal once again as the New Year approaches, and I'm reevaluating how I would like to engage in life with the coming days. There are so many plans that I have for a more positive future, but the main one on my mind right now is to engage in a more 'analogue' life. Analogue, for me, has come to mean, the act of experiencing life hands on, without analyzing, and trying to work out every detail of it. Living life the way our elders experienced it: taking in the process and moving with it.


Over the holidays, I was blessed to finally take my LK (LomoKino) out for a spin, and I realized something. As much as I know the results are bound to be beautiful and fresh, there was a part of me that was impatient with the process of having to wait to get it developed; Of not knowing exactly how it would turn out. But this is how art, or really anything of such worth is created: time, effort, waiting, development. Living in our technologically spaced generation is a blessing and a curse. We're in a place to see anything come to fruition, but we want it to materialize in front of us instantly, as opposed to taking the time to infuse authenticity. 

We want friendships but we don't want the process of being a friend. We want to find true love, but romance has taught us to cleave on to love at first sight, instead of the time it will take to build love gradually after you've locked eyes, and time has stopped. We look in awe at sumptuous meals prepared, and wish that we could 'Bewitch' our noses, and watch as it magically appears on our dining room tables. We wonder at times why we may feel lonely, but we're strapped down to our computer chairs, hands all but soldered to our keyboards as we choose to connect over Tumblr, but not face to face.

That's why in 2012, I would like to change these aspects of myself that has come to value quantity over quality, and 'now now now' over the process.


I want to write letters, pen, sticky blue ink, and stationary with stamps and envelopes. I want to create quixotic little films with LK that take multiple rolls of 35mm film to piece together. I want to actually cook my meals, watch them simmer, package a dessert in ribboned celophane to give to my grandmother, or cupcakes for my friends. Explore museums and dive into art, take some time to watch selected films in theaters. Meander through my city without abrupt rushing from one train to another. Cultivate style like my grandmother, and great grandmother did. Connect with people without technology getting in the way. Flesh out all of my characters, and appreciate the feeling of my pen ingraining the page as I take down my novel. Trust God beyond what I can see or fathom, and watch Him bring the utmost to fruition.

Of course I'm not going to leave my trusty Macbook behind, I love my Tumblr/Twitter world, but I'm not in favor of watching it replace life experience. Life's too short to keep living in fear, don't you think?

What are your goals/resolutions for 2012? Let's dream together!

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  1. Ohh, happy holidays to you too! <3 I hope you have a truly wonderful new year!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you so much, Jo! Though late, I wish you many blessings in this New Year!


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